Understanding and supporting small business.

A couple of years ago I visited my sister In Brasil, I took this photo after we had lunch in the city, we walked out of the restaurant and discovered this beautiful lady selling her necklaces that she had made on the side of the street. I took a picture of her because I really liked the way the light from the sun reflected the colors of the necklaces she was holding across her arm. Since then this photo has been hidden with many others from my amazing trip until last week while sifting through old photos I stumbled across this photo again and was immediately inspired by the photo in a new way. This time i noticed the smile on her face, which showed how proud she was of these goods that she had made with her hands, and probably spent hours crafting. Now her eagerness to share it with the rest of the world for a very small price struck me as the true definition of small business. 
This photo reminds and helps me understand the true definition of small business, emphasizing the word small, as most times it's really just one person wearing several hats, who has an overwhelming desire to create something by hand and share a talent they've been given for a small price but big rewards. The reward being that of pure joy from making something by hand and being able to share it with others and getting energized to make more. knowing that as a maker some days may be harder or not as rewarding than others but staying focused on sharing your talent with the world and being content. I hope this photo inspires others like me, and serves as a reminder to consider shopping small whenever possible.


Rustic wedding design detail - antlers.

Rustic, vintage, and bohemian styled weddings are one of my favourites, and are pretty popular lately. It's important to focus on adding one detail that you can carry through and make a huge impact. Antlers are a perfect little detail, you can sand them down and spray paint them or leave them natural, the image below shows an amazing way to style them in a classic and vintage way.



A woodland forest themed baby shower by Sweet Sorrella.

I have been waiting patiently to share this sweet baby shower i hosted for one of my best friends! It is the perfect time as little baby Jonah arrived a few weeks ago and is healthy and beautiful as can be, and his mommy is doing very well.
 I was a little nervous as i thought styling for a woodland themed event might be challenging in terms of getting styling accessories easily, on a budget, and keeping it modern to fit the style of the venue but i was wrong, the possibilities were endless! Enjoy below some pics from the